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Aspen Fire Farms is a bulk sale distributor of Alfa Tec hay cubes — a premium all natural alfalfa and timothy feed alternative for a variety of animals.


As strong believers of the product, we also supplement our own horses feed regiments with hay cubes. The cubes offer a variety of benefits for both horse and owners:


  • Natural nutrients and products

  • Consistent premium quality, dust and mold free

  • A feed that's low in sugar and starch

  • Reduced waste (up to 20%)

  • Additional feed control for animals with weight issues

  • Easier to handle for feeding


For more information please visit Alfa Tec's website, and check out the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also use thier feed calculator to estimate the amount of feed requires for your horses and see just how economical this feed alternative can be!

For current costs & questions please contact us for a quote or to set up a pick-up appointment.
Prices may vary based on quanity. We do not have walk in services available, please call us to set up a time and date to purchase hay cubes.


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