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"I wouldn’t give a nickel to have it paved in gold… Everything I love is at the end of a dirt road."

Our Family - Past & Present

Our Horses

The Eatock Homestead began it's journey 125 years ago when our family's ancestor's traveled across the ocean to begin a new life and settle the Canadian prairies.


The origin of our family name has been traced to one variant form: Eatough, which was first recorded in the Wills of Chester (England) in 1585.


Our family history can first be traced to James Eatock (Sr.) who landed in the New World in 1905. As a Pavior (civil engineer) he worked and moved with the railway to Saskatoon. Eventually his wife Clara (Hart) joined him and they finished their journey a began their new life on the land we now call Aspen Fire Farms.


Now skip ahead to April of 1987,  when Dave & I (Sandy) got married. Dave had grown up on the farm we now refer to as Aspen Fire Farms and was a handyman in every sense of the word.


I grew up on an acreage just outside of Spruce Grove and had a love for horses since I taking riding lessons as a small child.

When we got married, Dave's skills and my passion allowed us to pursue a new life in the form of Aspen Fire Farms, an equine boarding facility. We nurtured our dream, and today are proud to own and operate this facility.

Along the way, we raised two beautiful children who are now full-fledged adults. Megan,  is pursuing a successful career in communications. Jordan, is establishing himself as a confident and capable foreman and operator in the wastewater installation industry.


Scarlett is sired by Allionce, out of Margarita Monday. This 2009 half-arab mare is no stranger to the roses.

Some of her wins include:

  • Canadian National Champion Sport Horse Mares (Dressage Type Open)

  • National Reserve Champion JOTR 13 & Under

  • National Top 10 JTR 13 & Under

  • Numerous Regional and Breeders Championships (Hunter, In-hand, equitation, and showmanship)

Scarlett is a lovely chestnut mare has been a great addition to the farm. She is sweet-natured, graceful, and a beautiful mover. 

I am excited to introduce Scarlett as my newest show ring partner this upcoming season.





Sired by national champion Spitfyre VF (pictured below - left) and AFF's own Scarlett, this tall elegant filly will have a bright future ahead. 

"Cori" was born in 2021 and has a very sweet and "in-your-pocket" personality. We expect her to be a wonderful addition to our show string. 



Meet Gunner, our newest addition to the farm. Gunner is a 2012 purebred Arabian gelding. He has a sweet and loving personality, always appreciated of any and all attention. 

Standing at a solid 15. 1 hands he is sure to continue to be a contender in the hunter pleasure and sport horse arena. He is sired by Mariachi WA, a proven stallion that has produced 30 national title winning offspring.

We are looking forward to building a partnership with this handsome gelding. 

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